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Saffron Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. as an organisation is committed to sell
quality products as well as to ensure safety of drugs.

Drug safety is an important consideration for all stakeholders involved with drugs, right from the health care professionals, who are medically qualified persons, such as physicians, dentists, general practitioners, pharmacists, etc. distributors and patient who consume the drug, to drug regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies who are involved in manufacturing and marketing of the drugs.

Though generic drugs are marketed only after they are proven safe in bio-equivalence studies, rare adverse events can surface anytime during their life cycle. All drugs are normally associated with the possibility of adverse events and are prescribed only when the beneficial effects over-weigh the associated risk.

Pharmacovigilance function comprises of the following:

  • Detection
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Understanding
  • Prevention

A comprehensive adverse event reporting database is maintained in order to ensure compliance related to safety. We train our sales representatives, on various aspects of pharmacovigilance and how to do adverse event reporting.

Please download and fill the Adverse Event Reporting Form (AER) which is available in the “Footer” section of the website in the event of adverse reactions.